Spring Into Home Improvement

Spring is right around the corner, though in Utah it might be June before spring is sprung. Regardless, it’s coming. Whether you plan to list your home, (with one of our amazing Prudential agents, of course), or you plan to stay put for a while, we have a honey-do home improvement list for spring that will ensure you enjoy your summer.

Don’t Just Cut the Grass, Manicure your Lawn

If you want your side of the fence to have greener grass, start thinking about your lawn now. Early spring is prime seeding time, particularly for Kentucky Bluegrass. You can start to feed your lawn as soon as it starts greening. Get some bulbs in the ground and add a few plants that thrive in Utah (plants labeled for zone 5 and lower), to really make your yard shine. Spring is also the perfect time to put in new beds or that water feature you always wanted. Koi fish are optional.

Hope You Had a Blow Out

Your sprinkler system might have looked dormant all winter, but chances are it was up to no good if you didn’t have it blown out. If your system wasn’t winterized, consider bringing in a pro to get it back up to snuff. If it was winterized, (good job), turn the water back on SLOWLY. If you don’t hear the water shut off after a few seconds, check to make sure the backflow or blowout valve is closed. Run a test and check for any broken sprinkler heads and replace them. Reset your sprinkler timer and you’re ready to go. The internet abounds with how-to guides if you plan to turn your system back on without professional help.
Outdoor home improvements add value. (C)2006 HARRY HU

Life in the Great Outdoors

Consider some new outdoor furniture or create a living space outside to enjoy this summer and many more to come. If you already have patio furniture, update the cushions or add a new umbrella to make your backyard your favorite hang out. Potted tropical plants that can be brought inside during cooler months do double duty. Clean the grill, fix any loose decking or pavers, and you’re ready for an amazing summer retreat just outside your door.  

Cool It!

Early spring is the ideal time to check your air conditioner for issues. You’ll beat the summer rush before all the contractors are booked and won’t be left sweltering when the mercury rises. Clean your A/C unit to ensure efficiency and if you haven’t replaced filters in a while, now is the time.
Get on top of roof repairs early!

The Roof Over Your Head

Have you checked your roof lately? Clean the gutters, (everyone’s favorite chore), and check your roof for any damage it might have incurred over the winter. Catching small issues early can extend the life of your roof significantly, not to mention the savings that come from repair vs. replacement. If you are ready for a new roof, start looking for a contractor and book for summer.
While some of these home improvement tasks might seem a bit daunting, get them done early and you’ll enjoy some much needed R and R this summer. Not only that, but you’ll increase your home’s value and boost curb appeal when you keep it in good repair.

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